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Composer: Nicole Chamberlain
Instrumentation: Solo flute/piccolo
Level: Advanced
Duration: 5 Minutes
Format: PDF
Price: $10.00

"Smorgasbord" explores the different styles and textures a flutist can convey through the manipulation of the air stream. Through punching, clicks, bending, popping, fluttering, and even singing while playing, the flute can take on a metamorphosis of sound. The titles of the movements are analogous to a variety of textures found in food as well as the sounds of the flute. Through punches and aggressive attacks, the sound can be crunchy; though bending, it can be gelatinous; through pops, clicks and different embouchure shapes, it can be carbonated; with our friend the piccolo, singing while playing, and fluttering, it can sound fluffy. Certainly the flute has a "smorgasbord" of ingredients in the pantry that can be whipped up a delicious audio-culinary work.

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