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I just purchased a publication. What do I do now?
Nothing for the moment. An email will be sent to you within 24 hours containing a PDF of the score and parts (if applicable). All emails are sent manually, so please be patient. This is a one gal operation, but your business is important. I'll get to it as soon as I am free (definitely before I go to sleep).

Are you accepting works from new composers?
At this time Spotted Rocket is only carrying publications by Nicole Chamberlain. At some point Spotted Rocket may consider publishing other composers. Feel free to contact Spotted Rocket and send your website. Please do not send any scores until asked. A gal's mailbox can fill up fast!

I love some of your arrangements, but its not for my instrument. Could you arrange it for me?
Sure! I love arranging as well as composing. Shoot me an email and we can discuss specifics.

Why did you start your own publishing company?
I feel I am my own best promoter. I also have training as a graphic designer and a music engraver. It felt silly to pay someone else to do the work I can do myself. Besides, if someone wants to play my music they usually contact me directly and not my publisher. it just made sense to do it all inhouse. Then I could form better relationships with the people who are performing my music.

Do I have to pay for a copy of your music?
This is what I do for a living. I have two dogs and a husband to feed. Let's face it, most of the pieces are between $2-$25. I really doubt that's gonna break anyone.

Can I pay by other means than Paypal?
Right now Paypal is the easiest and cheapest solution for Spotted Rocket. Paypal is free for everyone and I've used it for years and can be used by a lot of other independent online stores. I highly recommend it!

When I make a Spotted Rocket purchase it says I am sending a payment to Nicole Randall and nikkinotes.com. Why?
Randall is the maiden name of Nicole Chamberlain who is the owner of Spotted Rocket and nikkinotes.com Its all the same person and its all going to the same place.

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