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Brian and Nicole Chamberlain, composers

Spotted Rocket Publishing was started by composer and flutist, Nicole Chamberlain. Spotted Rocket publishes original compositions and arrangements for voice and orchestral instruments. At the moment, music is only delivered electronically by this one gal operation.

Jesse, the original Spotted Rocket

Spotted Rocket Publishing was named after Nicole's dog, Jesse (1999-2007). Jesse got the nickname from a vet who commented on Jesse's physic saying he bet Jesse ran like a rocket. Indeed he did, a Spotted Rocket! Jesse is no longer with us, but still watches over the daily operations.
Sam, Spotted Rocket II

After the loss of Jesse, Sam (2007-2012) was hired to take on the post. Even though he was deaf, he loved being around his musician friends. He liked them better when they would stop playing their instruments and rub him.

Annie, Spotted Rocket III

Annie (2008-Present) has taken up the mundane duties of distractions and security. Don't be fooled, even though Annie is not a dalmatian, she does have her spots and she can run FAST!Follow her on twitter: AnnieBarks

Gerty, Spotted Rocket IV

Gerty (2013-Present) showed up on our doorstep in October of 2013. Lost and neglected, she was just a puppy - much like Annie when we found her. Gerty's resemblence to Sam kept us from turning her away. Annie and Gerty became fast friends, and we couldn't help but make her a part of our family. Follow her on twitter: HurdyGerty

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